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8 things that actually happen to our body when we die?

Death, which is a natural phenomenon, is what most people do not like talking about. The fact remains that it is inevitable and we all must surely answer nature’s call someday.

Though it is a disturbing reality for all of us, only very few people know what eventually happens to the body when we pass on.


Here are the things that happen once we die:


  1. Immediately after the heart stops beating, the body rapidly cools down until it reaches room temperature. This is known as ‘Algor Mortis’.


  1. Rigor Mortis: Without the heart pumping, blood coagulates (changes to a solid or semi-solid state) in the veins, arteries and capillaries, causing the entire body to stiffen. ‘Rigor Mortis’ sets in around two to six hours after death.


  1. Decomposition: For a few days after death, some cells (such as skin cells) are still alive. Because of this, the life bacteria starts to break down and putrefy the blood.


  1. Colour: First the body turns green, then purple and then eventually black.


  1. Smell: The putrefying body gives off a sulphurous gas with a horrific smell, similar to rotten eggs is released.


  1. Bloating: This gas also builds up inside the body, causing the corpse to expand, the eyes to be pushed out of their sockets and forces the tongue out of the mouth.


  1. Blistering: A week after death, the body’s skin will blister so much that the slightest touch will cause it to fall off.


  1. Finally, a month after death, a corpse’s hair and nails will fall out, and the organs will liquefy. The body then swells until it burst open, leaving nothing but the skeleton behind.


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